Stud Jumpin’




Jumpsuit – Pretty Little Thing Barely There Sandals – ASOS/River Island Belt – ASOS (similar)

Firstly, you will have to excuse the horrendous pictures! I was tearing around running late for my night out, so grabbed the iphone to encapture my outfit for you!

These days most of my money goes on the house, so when I buy clothes now it’s a typical womanly multi-task theme in my mind.

I picked this cute powder blue jumpsuit from Pretty Little Thing and love the versatility. I dressed mine up with these silver t-bar barely there’s from ASOS, a black leather jacket and my studded belt for an evening of rampaging with my girlfriends. The legs are supposed to be nice and fitted but as I’m stumpy and can’t ever find anything to fit my little legs I went for the rolled up look.

I have also tried a few variations with this jumpsuit and it also looks cute with flip flops for a summer day time where you end up at a beer garden/BBQ.

What do you think to the look? X

REVIEW: Skinny Tan*


Being a typical English Rose is not always good, especially when the sun rears it’s pretty head & I’m as pasty as an Egyptian cotton sheet and haven’t been to the gym for a month :-/!

If you’ve read my posts before you’ll know I’m a fake tan addict, so now there’s a new one on the block that not only tans but contours the body, I had to give it a try.

Skinny Tan is from the Bondi Beaches of Australia, get me there! On first application the product is a smooth gel/lotion. It applied really easily and almost slightly foamed which made it rub in perfectly. As the lotion is coloured you can’t miss any spots & remain streak free.

Within 5 mins I had a natural golden glow and a scent reminiscent of butterscotch Angel Delight. I personally love the colour I was left with, it looked as though I had been walking along the sandy shores for a week.

My tan lasted about 4 days & naturally faded, I just wished it was longer! But I have now invested in the Pre-tan & After Glow in the hope it will keep longer.

In my opinion this tan is no good if you’re a die hard tanorexic as it doesn’t give you that deep, long lasting ‘fake tan look’. But perfect if you prefer a golden, natural tan & would definitely be the one for a wedding or first day of holiday!

You can get it here!

REVIEW: La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream*


Being a sensitive soul merely putting a smidge of a product brings me up in a red, heated rascal of a rash! Usually I just try to find the best product I can to hide it and try and slather my skin in healing moisturiser at night… Now there is La Roche-Posay CC Cream.

A complete correcting cream specialised for those red, sensitive skins, which gives you more coverage than a BB cream but not as heavy as a foundation. Simply a cross breed of a tinted moisturiser and foundation, with the benefit of being SPF 30 too!

On my trial run I used a squidge the size of an almond, this was just about enough, but I did just blot over a little extra.

To begin I didn’t feel that I had enough coverage and wouldn’t have felt comfortable leaving the house with my skin that bare, however by the time I had put my mascara on it was like a miracle had happened.

I had no red blotches, they had just seemed to die down, my skin looked smooth and very natural. I honestly have not seen my skin looking this good since I was a non-make-upholic!

I would recommend this product to any sensitive selfie, leave the product to work it’s magic for a few minutes & voila. For the first time in forever you might just feel brave enough to leave the house with no foundation!

Alternatively if you’re not that brave the CC cream would also make a great base and minimise the amount of other product you need to use.

I got mine from here.

Mothers Day £10 Gift Guide

Let’s face it, it’s not that we are stingy towards our mother dearests but sometimes when you’re totally brasic it is the thought that counts. Here is my top 5 gorgeous gifts which are under £10 – but don’t necessarily look it! {links are in the title of each item}

Rose Tea Cup & Saucer
What mum doesn’t love tea and this cutie comes in at £9.95.

Accessorize Crystal Chain Necklace
This piece is so pretty and if your mum is a costume jewellery fan it’s perfect at only £10.

F&F Mini Satchel
Bang on the nose this ultra cute mini-satchel from Tesco is £10. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with this essential.

Beau Jardin Hand Cream & Lip Balm
This pretty duo is £10 from John Lewis and is a hand bag must have, plus comes in a delicate presentation box. The perfect gift for Mothers Day!

Next New York Luxury Candle
Whilst looking and smelling like a well known high end brand, this Next luxury candle comes in at a mere £9.

Hope I’ve helped, remember our mummy’s know when we are poor and just appreciate the time & effort rather than the price tag.X

Summer Ball Style


As duly typical Brits the first sign of those happy making sun rays and my work are emailing about the Summer Ball!

So of course I had to keep my eye out for a new outfit, immediately!!

First browse around River Island and this pencil dress popped out at me. I was a little unsure of the colour but in the fitting room I was sold. It’s the perfect mixture between classy and keeping on trend. Plus now it seems lime green is going to be the new colour on the scene!

I’m planning on teaming my dress with silver barely there sandals from Missguided and a lime or silver clutch – which I have yet to find. Any recommendations welcome!

What do you dolls think? I’m overly excited for summer already! X

Missguided: The Nicole Collection




For those who were keeping their beady eye on Missguided’s latest enticement, the Nicole collection is here!

An eclectic monochrome mixture, with a splash of electric blue it is the epitome of sexiness, which was never doubtful with Ms S modelling!

Whether the collection will look quite as sexual on the likes of us who knows, but there are some stunning pieces with sharpe lines and fluent materials throughout that keep the clothes edgy & classy.

I have included pics of my faves from the collection, but you can see it for yourself here.

What are your must haves from the collection? X

Outfit Inspiration


After a little shopping trip and internet browsing I have my mind set on this new chic outfit.

I love the simplicity of this loose, chic white Tee from River Island

Ripped Mom Jeans
Another River Island staple, these ripped mom jeans will shake up your look whether casual or glam.

Monochrome Backpack
After a Primark spree this is the only item I came out with! But at £8 it’s a real steal and looks really high quality.

Red Courts – Dupes
I think we are all familiar with these gorgeous spiky courts that appear in every mag. These beauties are available for us penny pinchers too at a mere £23 on eBay! I think the red just tops off the very sophisticated, mostly mono look.

Glamour Grab





I am always partial to sneaking a magazine in the basket on my shopping trips.  Yesterday I’d had an awful day and so whilst picking up the pancake mix I headed straight to the magazine aisle.

Ever the beauty product magnet I spotted a freebie in with my usual pick Glamour mag and on further inspection pretty fantastic freebies they were too.  Each magazine had the choice of a Model Co. eyeliner, mascara, lip enhancer (lip pencil), or lip gloss.

I had a very unembarresing rummage, I was a woman on a mission, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get products usually worth £14-15 for a mere £2, so I did the obvious thing and bought two magazines! 

I elected for the lip enhancer and lip gloss packages.  I’ve been meaning to pick up a new lip liner for a while now, and this one boasts being one colour to suit all.  It is on swatching a very natural, nude colour so I will look forward to trying it out at the next available chance.

The colour of the lipgloss instantly won me over, although I am typically more of a lippy kind of girl, this cute peachy, shimmery gloss will look perfect with the current pastel mania and is also always a handy item for the sunny summer days, should they ever arrive!  I’m in the UK incase you are wondering!

The best thing for me was the inovative design of the products.  The lip pencil came with a built in sharpener on the lid and the lipgloss has a mini mirror built in to the tube.  They have covered all bases here girls, although I have yet to try out what this cosmetic company has to offer I am certainly looking forward to trialling new products, and the best bit if I am not a fan then it has only cost me £4.

Grab yourself a bargain!  Let me know what product(s) you opted for.x

My Shabby Chic Project


As my move in date draws ever closer I’ve decided to enlighten you with my plans so far!

The man had been insistent on us getting a wardrobe, even though we have a built in one in the bedroom, as apparently I’ve got too many clothes!

So sneakily I’m aiming to turn the spare bedroom into my personal dressing room. He doesn’t really know this yet!

I am a lover of vintage and shabby chic, and have been for a very long time. I suppose luckily now it has become a bit more popular and accessible and I can now put my once impossible ideas in to action.

I have been doing lots of research in to up cycling old furniture for several reasons really. The pre-prepared shabby chic furniture is just extortionate to buy, I like the idea of a project and then I can have my piece exactly as I want it.

After several hours of researching I decided that Annie Sloan chalk paint is probably my best option. The furniture requires limited preparation and the paint naturally gives the piece that pre-loved look! You then just finish up with a clear wax and a few sandpaper scuffs here and there.

I then went on to the buying and managed to bag myself an absolute bargain on eBay. The wardrobe doesn’t look all that at present, but has potential!

My plan is to paint the wardrobe an old white/creamy colour and change the handles to something more elegant looking.

I’m looking forward to my new project and will keep you updated along the way.

Have you ever tried your hand at furniture restoration? Tell me how it went! X

Try Before You Buy


I’ve been collecting various samplers from here, there and everywhere lately so I thought it was about time I gave them a go! I’m a big fan of samples, they are almost as good as blog posts, in aiding you to decide on whether you’re going to take the plunge ;-)

Garnier BB Cream
Firstly is this BB cream sample that I got from a mag. I must admit I wasn’t open as I already have a fave BB cream, but I was suprised. Upon the first tear the liquid came spurting out everywhere, not a great start. Once I’d cleared up the mess and finally got it on my skin it truly was a ‘miracle worker’ as it proclaims! The light liquid cleared all my blemishes in one foul swoop and my skin felt very make-up free and silky smooth. Although the liquid is very runny with a proper tube I think you won’t have the same issues as with a small sampler packet. You can get yours here.

Benefit POREfessional
Now I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen millions of mixed reviews on this product. I decided to let the hype die down and try the small sampler that Benefit kindly gave me more recently. I was shocked at how small an amount was needed and after applying to my T-zone I had some spare to add to the rest of my troublesome areas. I did really like how smooth the product made my face, it was as soft as a baby’s bum… But as someone with dry, sensitive skin it did dry my T-Zone out quite rapidly so maybe not the product for me unfortunately! I would recommend this if you’re skin is more normal-oily though. Try it for yourself here.

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Mascara
I got this free sample from a Boots Advantage Card treat. Who would ever turn down an Estée Lauder mascara ey! I was excited to give this a go as I’m a tad stuck in my old ways with my Lancome mascara trend never being bucked.

I really liked this, the packaging of the full sized tube is truly sophisticated and the mascara spread my lashes perfectly. They instantly looked pretty, but I would say more of a natural look. I’m more of a bold, big is best kind of girl when it comes to my lashes!

You can get this one here or if you’re more like me the wonderful people of Estée have made it in an extreme version too!

Have you been trialling anything new lately? X